Samantha Madsen holds a Master’s of Science degree from the University of Utah and currently serves in the Utah Army National Guard. She has over thirty years dedicated to health, wellness and fitness. She has a long list of accolades as a professional athlete, speaker and writer.

Jane & Samantha

Samantha’s Soap Story:

I was first introduced to the delights of soap making through a dear and close friend. I became immediately hooked. The precise science behind soap making combined with the creativity of the soap maker in blending nature’s scents and colors was of great interest and plain fun! Gifts to family and friends quickly turned into a business as I was told, “How can I go back to that stuff they sell in the stores?”

Having a successful career in the health, wellness and fitness arena, and being a World Champion athlete, the art of making natural soap is now an extension of a healthy lifestyle, with a focus to improve and enhance quality of life, and the desire to share with others. With Soap Essential soaps, we can improve the condition of our skin by getting closer to nature with the cleansing element we use daily.

Soap is made with a process called saponification, which is the natural chemical interaction when lye and fats are combined. We use healthy fats, such as Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter. These are slightly acid, and Lye is Alkali (very basic).  When combined, at the right temperature, the chemical transformation results in soap.

In natural soap, skin softening glycerin is formed, but, in the milled commercial soaps that are found in stores, the glycerin has been removed. Our skin is the largest organ of the body. It is the barrier to the outside world, keeping out pollutants, chemicals, and irritants. Sadly, the world is hard on our skin, and as we try to keep clean, our skin is abused every time we use commercial milled soap or soap washes. These kinds of products dehydrate your skin and often contain other irritants, and leave skin without nurturing elements.

Enter Soap Essential. Soap Essential makes only natural handcrafted saponified soap. This is everyday soap, not just special occasion soap. I wanted this wonderful nutritive rich soap to be used! Of course it makes a wonderful gift and who wouldn’t want to receive handcrafted soap as a gift? Soap Essential soap is meant to get wet and used and that is why it’s offered at the value it is. Only natural quality ingredients are used, without synthetic scents, dyes, or artificial colorants. You get plenty of these chemicals in commercial milled soap and even some handmade soaps. The oils I selected are those that provide nutrients or moisturizing properties to the skin and that is why the prevailing oil in all Soap Essential soaps is Olive Oil. The soaps are 100 percent vegetable based except our goat’s milk soap. When it comes to scenting the soap, I adhere to a strict policy of no artificial fragrances which are synthetic chemicals and can irritate the skin. While these fragrances cost much less than essential oils, they tend to lose their potency over time and are irritants. The aromatics experienced with Soap Essential soap is because we use natural essential oils and nothing less. It’s what you deserve! It’s what your skin deserves! So treat yourself to our natural handcrafted bars of Soap Essential soap and see the difference in your skin! It’s affordable enough to use every day.